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Course "Becoming a lecturer in TOP"
Lesson 1
The complete format – how do you build a winning lecture from A to T?

Lesson 2
Dive into the content of a winning lecture: Learn to tell a revelation story that will sweep the audience and how do you build each part of the lecture?

Lesson 3
The formula for a transformative lecture: Learn to produce immediate and rapid changes in the way of thinking of the audience with the help of transformative techniques

Lesson 4
Becoming a Master in Presentation: Learn to sweep and harness, make yourself a top performer!

Lesson 5
Art of Audience Activation – How to Become an Audience Activator?

Lesson 6 The
secret art of dealing with objections so that no audience can interfere with your lecture

Lesson 7
Divers to the Secrets of Leveraging Stages – Turning from a Lecturer to a Business

Lesson 8
Turn Your Knowledge Into Money: How to Build a Winning Digital Course

Lesson 9
How to sell from the stage! In-depth analysis for sale on stage for NIS 100,000 –
What are the secret principles for selling from stages that only the leading lecturers in Israel and around the world know?

Lesson 10
Instagram Marketing Secrets!

Lesson 11
Secrets of Video Marketing!

Total over 25 hours of content


2 live ZOOM sessions with Sapir and with me for questions and practice

Worth NIS 12,700


Bonus # 1

4 masterclasses – recordings of practice sessions and questions and answers

Worth 700 NIS


Bonus # 2

A rare recording of a 100% success conference

The ten principles to achieve success quickly, live every day with passion and produce an extraordinary life!

Worth 1170 NIS

Bonus # 3

"ZOOM-IN" digital course for focusing and decision making 

Worth 1200 NIS

Bonus # 4

Digital course "SPEED" for time management and effectiveness 

Worth 1200 NIS

Bonus # 5

Hercules Digital Course for Focus and Motivation

Worth 1200 NIS

Bonus # 6

A complete recording of the Money Consciousness Seminar

Worth 1790 NIS

Total value: 19960 NIS

Now with a benefit for the first 20:

Only 275 NIS * 12 payments